Intro, Book & Podcast List, Checklist

Everything It Takes to Build Your Dream Online Business 4 Week Program

Alright You, it’s time to start living our dreams. It’s time to empower ourselves with tools, knowledge, and support from other like minded women and men. My goal with this course is to teach you the ways of online selling and also to show you how to create a community of people around you that will nurture you and help grow your business. That community can also be called your customers, followers, and supporters. In order to sell, you need that community to grow. Growing your customer base is just as important as producing high quality unique products for them. 

The entrepreneurial path is not for the faint at heart. This is for really tough people who will stop at nothing to make sure that their idea and dreams are successful. This takes time, blood, sweat, and tears. The path is for never clocking out, not receiving paid benefits or vacation time. This is for things going wrong before they go right. This is for never giving up when things hit the fan, when your cash flow plummets, and when you are exhausted beyond belief.

However, this choice also brings the following:

-The ultimate fulfillment of doing something that you love with your whole soul

-Choosing how you want your work commute and weekly/monthly/yearly schedule to look like

-Living every day for something bigger than yourself that YOU created, and not working on someone else's dreams

-Sculpting the life YOU want to live and not the kind of life that someone else controls every day

-A life full of expansive passion and creation and dedication that brings ultimate happiness. 

So, are you ready for the task at hand? To change your life completely and do something scary and exhilarating? Are you ready to put yourself out there in the name of your dream? I know you are ready because you invested in this course. I honor you for investing in yourself. I honor you for being here with me. Everything I am asking you to do here, I have done myself. I have also paid tens of thousands of dollars to mentors and coaches along the way to help me achieve the financial success and knowledge I have now. So, let’s take a deep breath together and exhale all the inhibitions that may be holding you back. This is a spiritual journey because business goes hand in hand with Spirit (or God or Your Higher Power, or whatever name you use). It’s time to become the Greatest version of yourself. And when you love yourself and believe in yourself and all that you do, everything in life falls effortlessly into place. Now let’s get started.

The first thing I am going to ask of you is that you have to understand that big dreams take time. If you have read a single business book, or if you have listened to a single business podcast about successful people, you will know by now that they didn't make money for years. But what they did do, was remain dedicated to their dreams and their goals, and they worked hard every single day for years (and for very little money) until they turned the slightest bit of profit. And then they worked years to turn a bigger profit, until one day, it all clicked and they were making 6-8 figures. When you hear about "overnight successes," they actually took about a decade to build and grow. Being an entrepreneur is not for instant success. In Seth Godin's book, "This is Marketing," he says that the most over looked step in business is showing up consistently FOR YEARS. To be an entrepreneur is to constantly be learning, soaking up new information, sticking to your goals, growing your following, perfecting your product line, marketing message and campaign, and a million more things, for years! Most businesses do not see a profit for 3-5 years, and most businesses do not succeed within those first few years. But if you stick to my course and grow this the way I have grown my own businesses, I can promise that you will see the results because you never quit and you applied my teachings to your journey.

The next thing I am going to ask you is to completely submerge yourself in Business development in all aspects of your day. You are in biz development bootcamp right now and I want you to get in the habit of constantly soaking up information. I want you learning new things all day every day. A great way I do this is by listening to podcasts and audiobooks all the time.  I listen to these while I work, usually in the morning with coffee at my desk, when I am packing orders, and especially when I am driving. I want to constantly be learning more and developing my Entrepreneur obsession. I want you to do it with me!! And remember the book list I gave you in the Mindset Course that you had to read before you got started on this? I have all of those books on Audible and I integrate those into my podcast listening as well. So, I go back and forth, listening to podcasts and listening to my books. Here is my list of my top 5 favorite podcasts: 

Woke and Wired - For the Spiritual Entrepreneur

How My Wife Quit Her Job - Bootstrapped Business Strategy

The Influencer Podcast - Learn from Social Media Influencers

Soul Mammas - Inspiring Women in Business and Motherhood

Being Boss - Boss Woman Everything

Goal Digger - Jenna Kutcher

And the Business Audio Books I listen to over and over:

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk - How Great Entrepreneurs Build Influence using Social Media

She Means Business by Carrie Green - Learn how to be a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur

E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber - Why Most Small Businesses Fail and What to Do About It

This is Marketing by Seth Godin - Learn the Science of Marketing the Marketing Guru

One Million Followers by Brendan Kane

Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

AND LAST, I have provided a Business Building checklist you can utilize for everything you are going to learn in this course. I have a pdf version as well as an excel version if you prefer to use excel. Print these out or keep them in your computer and you can check the items off as you learn how to do each and every one of them!!

If you are ready to start your free trial on Shopify you can do so HERE and this week we will begin to build it out together.

Business Building Checklist.pdf